Issues with new version of the Google Speech Engine

Issue Description

The latest version ( of Google Speech Engine (Google Text-to-speech) can cause the following issues:

  • Pronunciation error, and the intonation keeps changing

  • The delay between sentences or paragraphs becomes very long, may even cause "Speech engine is not responding" error.

  • Can not highlight the text being read after a sentence.

If you encounter the above issues after updating to latest version of Google Speech Engine, you can temporarily roll back to the older version of Google Speech Engine by the following method.

Temporary Solution

  1. Open store page of Google Speech Engine via this link, or search "Google Text to speech" in Google Play.

  2. Tap Uninstall。

  3. Uncheck "Enable automatic updates" in the top right menu, so you won't be automatically updated to the latest version with issues again.


  4. Download and install version 24.9.361717975 of Google Speech Engine.